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The HermesDev.net website, as well as the programs which I offer, use only "Open Source" tools:

imageUbuntu is an operating system like Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX. It is a "Linux" distribution, i.e. an operating system built on a Linux core.
Ubuntu is very easy to use, joins together a great quantity of high-quality software the majority of which is under free licence and/or free.
Easy to maintain, the system is very safe and viruses and other spywares are practically nonexistent.
"The Gimp" is a very powerful program for image processing and graphic design, with many functions. The canvas of this website was created with this program.
Inkscape is a program for vectorial drawing. You can use it, for example, to draw and create logos.
JEdit is a modular IDE supporting multiple computer programming languages.
The OpenClipart project aims to create a bank of "clipart", supplied by different users, whose images can be used freely and for free.

In creating this website, I have endeavoured to respect the standards of the Web promoted by W3C. I have taken particular care to ensure that this site is compatible with the maximum number of browsers and devices. This website respects the "XHTML 1 strict" standard which requires complete seperation of presentation and structure.