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This section is intended for those with some knowledge or experience of web development.

HermesPicker is a colour picker (or colour chooser), a small tool allowing an easy colour choice, entirely programmed in DOM/Javascript designed to integrate administrator interfaces for software such as CMS or dynamic websites.

This program belongs to the new generation of tools taking part in WEB2.

It can be inserted extremely easily in any script (for example "PHP") simply by adding ome line of code. The code "DOM/Javascript" which composes it automatically detects the need for creating a "colour picker" if a particular tag is present.


(Click on the small squares beside the fields of text.)

"Colour picker" without transparency management:

"Colour picker" with transparency management:

To download "HermesPicker": HermesPicker


On screen, anywhere between the two "head" tags, insert:
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/images.js"></script>

Further on in your "body", where you wish to have access to the "colour picker" in your (X)HTML, PHP or other code insert:

<input type="text" name="name_test" id="color-picker-1" size="6" maxlength="6" />

  • "name_test" is what you get after the form is sent.
  • "color-picker-1" is the call to the "colour picker"; the 1 means that it is the "colour picker" number 1, because you can use as many "colour pickers" as you wish.

PS. If you write "color-picker-tr-1" instead of "color-picker-1", your  "colour picker" will manage the transparency ("tr" for "transparency").