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LinSnack LinSnack is a management software for restaurants and bars conceived to combine simplicity and effectiveness. It has the advantage and also the originality not to depend on specific equipment. In fact, it can not only function with OSX (Mac), Linux and Windows, but also can be used by any standard printer to print bills/receipts. This is extremely economical software. One of the main aims of this software is to enable you to re-use computer equipment at very low cost, even second hand equipment.
It works equally well as one till or many.

This software is based on a LAMP solution and on PRISM (that you will have to install).

LinSnack is made available at no cost but its onward sale is SRICTLY PROHIBITED. The sales monopoly is reserved to HermesDev.net.


  • multi-platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) – Any OS allowing the use of PRISM.
  • multi-client
  • till system with bill/receipt printing
  • table and bar management
  • multi-users
  • history of all the operations
  • daily, monthly and annual balance
  • sales item management grouped in categories
  • automatic stock control in relation to sales
  • staff monitoring
  • pin board

To download LinSnack : LinSnack
To download the documentation : PDF documentation (in French)